Ryusen Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Ryusen’

This is a very interesting Japanese maple that has a natural weeping habit.  When staked to grow upright, which really is necessary to get the tree to grow to any height at all, the branches are truly pendulous and weep straight to ground like water flowing over a dam.

The deep green leaves emerge a light green and as the season progresses they take on a very deep green color.  But come fall the tree comes alive with a display of orange and red colors that really catch the eye.

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Ryusen does well in zones 5 -8 but actually tolerates the heat and sun better than most Japanese maples, making this an excellent plant for warmer climates.  Like all Japanese maples it likes to be planted in good, rich soil that drains well.

Acer palmatum Ryusen

Acer palmatum Ryusen


Japanese Maple Ryusen

Japanese Maple Ryusen

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10 thoughts on “Ryusen Japanese Maple

  1. Charlie Samms on said:

    I’d be interested in growing some Japanese maples. If you can hook me up with a supplier of seedlings, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Helen A. on said:

    I have read & listened to your site. I have even purchased the pakage deal, but cannot reach any wholesaler to purchase the Japanese Maples. What am I doing wrong. I wish to get started in my area Zone 5b. ASAP

    • Mike on said:

      Helen, just yesterday I saw some Japanese maples advertised yesterday from one of our wholesale sources in the buy sell area. The nice thing about this source is you don’t have to buy a large quantity. I can’t post any details here but as long as you are receiving the Backyard Growers Ecourse I’ll send you information soon about how to get in on these deals. When you say you bought the package, I assume you mean this http://freeplants.com/wanted.htm. Check the wholesale directory, I know some of the suppliers in their also have plenty of Japanese maples. I’ve purchased thousands of them for this spring.

  3. jeandujean on said:

    I would be interested to grow Japanese maples. If you can hook me up with a supplier of plants, I’d appreciate it.

  4. Gary Walston on said:

    I live in zone 8 and I am interested in growing Japanese Maples but have not had any luck in finding anyone to help me out. Can you help me get started.

  5. Larry on said:

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of information. Is there much demand for the bonsai maples and if so which is in more demand?

    • Mike on said:


      Bonsai is a very specialty market and only bonsai enthusiasts are likely to be interested. But those that are are willing to pay good money for them. I knew one bonsai enthusiast that used to fly to Japan and pick out the trees that he wanted then had them shipped to the U.S. Needless to say, he was pretty wealthy. But truth be told, most people are really only familiar with one or two different kinds of Japanese maples and have to be educated. With that said, it’s a lot easier for me to sell 100 flowering shrubs at $5.97 each than it is to sell one Japanese maple at $99.00. If you are interested in Japanese maples you most certain should test drive our members area when we are accepting new members. Right now we are, but that will close in a few days. http://backyardgrowers.com/join Also visit http://www.mikesbackyardnursery.com/

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